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Landeskrone consists of a group of companies successful in the real estate industry, which have rich experience in developers’ market. Projects completed, the highest quality of services and clients’ satisfaction prove the above. The main aim of Landeskrone is to construct new and reconstruct existing residential and commercial buildings. The offer is addressed to the most demanding Polish and foreign clients. Landeskrone carry out complex construction works in its buildings. It involves the entire investment process i.e. the purchase of real estate, development or reconstruction, the sales of fully equipped apartments or the lease of office and service space.

The effect of works of the Landeskrone team is the reconstruction and revitalization of many historical buildings in order to create modern and period real estate. Buildings created by Landeskrone are characterized by an innovative form as well as respect for history. Therefore, the interiors of the buildings create a unique atmosphere, often gaining new characters and becoming fully functional office centres or residential buildings. The owner of related Landeskrone entities, Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński, at the same time serving as the President of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, has an unquestionable influence on the final shape and form of every project.




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An indisputable asset of the projects offered by Landeskrone is their location and the proximity of nature, that is numerous green areas surrounding them. A unique feature of buildings modernized is their high energy efficiency and pro-ecological technology widely used which result in minimizing maintenance costs. The offer of the Landeskrone Group is addressed to people who value top quality elegance and to those for whom comfort and functionality of interiors used are of great importance. At present the Landeskrone Group is carrying out a number of projects located in the centres of the biggest cities of Poland concentrating its investment activities in Warsaw. Another important step in the development of Landeskrone is the implementation of two hotel projects in the centre of Kraków.
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Law office

Jan Lubomirski & Partners

Due to the fact that the Landeskrone Group is involved in realizing various projects, it employs a circle of experienced lawyers of various specializations related to the investment process and widely understood real estate services.

Lawyers, within the Company’s activities, also deal with reprivatisation and expropriation issues. Internal legal department deals with the entire investor process: from purchasing through receiving a zoning approval, building permits to selling or leasing the space. It is also significant that the owner of the Landeskrone Group companies is a legal adviser of long-standing legal and investment experience. Landeskrone, through its legal team, is ready to cooperate with external entities as well as to provide widely understood consulting and legal services in respect of the investment proces.




Fundacja Książąt Lubomirskich

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